Mailing Your Gown
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Before you mail or deliver your gown, it would be nice.....

A SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE AND YOUR NAME and the size and make of the gown should accompany your dress. It will make it possible for the charity to send you a receipt. However, each charity has their own processing protocol so please check their website first.

CLEAN YOUR GOWN FIRST AT HOME! If your gown needs cleaning, please clean your wedding dress before you send it. You may have a ZIPS or other local dry cleaner which will clean wedding gowns for a couple of dollars.  GOOD NEWS:  Wedding gowns which are not silk or taffeta normally can be hand-washed or even put In your washing machine. I have washed scores of wedding gowns at my home safely in my bathtub and in my washing machine with no problems.   If it is a normal wedding satin (not silk or taffeta), you can probably wash it in your washing machine but remember to pre-spot spots and hem dirt. BUT  DO NOT PUT IT IN YOUR DRYER. HANG IT TO DRY!  If you glued sequins or beads to your gown, then do not attempt to wash it as the decorations will probably fall off.

Caveat: We are not responsible for any damage to your dress done when you wash it or by your dry cleaner.  

REMOVE YOUR GOWN FROM ITS STORAGE BOX: If your gown has been preserved, remove it from its box and send it in the smallest possible box to save you shipping costs and to ease the charity's burden in disposing of large boxes!