Mailing Your Gown
About Us

Please email us at donate@donatemyweddingdress.org

I  would love to hear from you but I am not a charity.  I do not accept dresses!

If none of the charities listed here are near you, and you do not want to mail your gown, you can always donate it to your local Goodwill or thrift store. Or, you can sell it yourself on ebay, or a wedding dress resale internet site,  or on craigslist and donate the proceeds to charity! This also works well for vintage gowns. 

Who runs this website?  My name is Susan Jamison.  I am married to a wonderful guy and we have  five adult children and three grandchildren. I am a partner with my son Charles in the law firm of Jamison & Jamison LLC  in Dickerson Maryland. I am also a member of the Secular Franciscan Order, started  by St. Francis of Assisi sometime between 1210 and 1215, and my own local Franciscan Fraternity is St Mary of the Angels in Rockville, Maryland. 

In 2004,  I  founded St. Anthony's Bridal,  a bridal non-profit in Montgomery County Maryland and ran it for five years, helping brides who could not afford the average costs of a wedding by offering them free use of wedding gowns and reception items. I then started  Brides For Haiti at St. Mary's Church In Barnesville Maryland which uses donated gowns to raise money for its impoverished twin parish in Haiti, St. Joseph's in Carcasse.  I ran that for about a year and a half before turning it  over to Patti Bohr

From these wonderful and fun experiences, I realized that a wedding dress donation website would help a bride find the right home for her  wedding dress.... a charity that matches her sentiments. I applaud all of you who have come to this site to find the right charity for your wedding dress. Donating your wedding dress  to charity is a generous and noble gesture.

I am dedicating this website
to my beloved husband of 34 years, Robert Jamison, and  five  children, John, Laura Wright, Charles, Riley and Nancy.  Nancy, my youngest, deserves special mention because from the age of 7 forward, she  accompanied me to my bridal non-profit every Saturday morning during the five years I operated it.  Thank you Nancy!